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Source Control

Source control allows two or more developers to work on the same file simultaneously without overwriting each others changes, keeps a history of each version, and allows going "back in time". Source control is the first step in

The Joel Test: 12 Steps to Better Code

We use Subversion, which integrates tightly with our bug/feature tracking database - Fogbugz.

When you commit a bug fix to source control, you simply type the case number that you're fixing. The integration scripts see this and create bidirectional links:

  1. From the FogBugz case to the source control history and diffs
  2. From the source control system to the FogBugz case.

The benefits:

  • You can implement a code-review process. Simply assign a case to the code reviewer. They click on the links to see the diffs in the source control system and review them.
  • It's easy to find out how a bug was fixed by jumping straight to the source code change.
  • When you're looking at the changes made in the source code and wondering why they were made, you can quickly jump to the bug they were intended to fix.

Our code library is hosted in a Subversion repository located at svn://

You will need to install client software to access our code library. For Windows users. TortoiseSVN allows you to check-in/check-out files and folders by simply right-clicking in Windows Explorer.

You can download TortoiseSVN at The TortoiseSVN manual is at

After Installing TortoiseSVN:

Right-click a file or folder in Windows Explorer, choose TortoiseSVN, then click Repo-browser...

A dialog box appears asking for the repository location...

After entering the url and clicking OK, you should see something similar to this...

Next drill down and expand the trunk folder...

From here you can check-in and check-out files and folders, revert to an older version, or compare different versions of a file. To learn more about source control check out the excellent Subversion manual.